The Man the Key the Beast

by Vulcano

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Line up
Luiz Carlos Louzada - vocals
Zhema Rodero - guitars
Fernando Nonath - guitars
Carlos Diaz - bass
Arthur "von barbarian" - drums


released April 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Vulcano Santos, Brazil


Zhema Rodero — guitar (since 1981)

Luiz Carlos — vocals (1997-1999, since 2010)

Diaz— bass (2007-2013,
since 2016)

Gerson Fajardo - guitar (since 2015)

Arthur Von Barbarian — drums (since 1987)
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Track Name: Aninhilate All of Them
The coming of the chosen
Bringing death and destruction
These false scavengers
Jackals mercenaries
Who tread our way

During the longest of times
We'll walk through these lands
With our shining blades
By the glow of our minds

Hypocrisy misery
The ash will cover
Take our victory
The show is not over

Just the true ones must stay
Were sick of your existence
Find their way out
And die like a fool

Hypocrisy misery
The ash will cover
Take our victory
The show is not over

Annihilate... all of them!
Annihilate... one by one!
Annihilate... one by one!!!!
Track Name: No Mercy for Fucking Traitors
Lord of metal, shining and solid metal
Oh lord, master of all masters
Power from heat
Master of ligths
God of sounds

Force of fist, tireless fighter
Steel claws
Dreaded master
Feared lord, live to die

Die by metal! die! die!
Die by metal! die! die!
Die by metal!

Death metal... attack
Against wimps and falses
They bleed in his hands
Fainting in agony

Metal! metal until death!
Fight to the last chance
No mercy for fucking traitors
Metal until death!

Metal! metal until death!
Fight to the last chance
No mercy for fucking traitors
Metal until death!

Die! die! die!

Die! die! die! die!
Track Name: Church at a Crossroad
The face of the church is marred
By sins against humanity
This is the day of salvation
Pope is out
Religious hypocrisy
Applause himself
The threat church its lambs
He leading astray

Hallelujah on fire

Gloomy preacher
The saints with no guiding light
On this sinner's night
Peter was always wrong
Denied the cross and denied himself
The guardian left his servants

Hallelujah on fire
Track Name: You Have Been Warned
Sick of tomorrow. death is your sorrow
Comes through the blade. scams assayed
You gonna bleed. traitor deed
It seems so faster. fast like a disaster

Eyes are in haze. hands are laced
You gonna down. down to the ground
Balls become black. after sharp attack
Babbling words. action of the cowards

You have been warned,
You have been warned!

You have been warned,
You have been warned!

But if you had not
Given them the chance for
What would have happened?
You were responsible
Main protagonist. of this story

For decades you sponsored
These creatures
Your money fueled the fire
His vanity blind never heard anyone
Hypocrite, paying for their actions

The man, the key, the beast
Track Name: Blood and Champagne
The popular uprising
Against tyranny
The money comes
From outside to ensure
Glasses of champagne
In the great halls of hotels
Chemical weapons
Against targets uncertain
Forcing the rebels resistance
A scary sign of combat
While the last dose
Drain on their lips
Joy in the foam of champagne
The cruelest surprise has began
Gas paralyzes the breathing
Lethal agent was spread
Dressed in white scarf
Cuban cigars
Bubbly champagne
Threatening tap the button
Bombing all until the end
Dressing in uniform
Cuban cigars, bubbly blood
Track Name: Dead Water
The creature steps into
The dead water and black
Won the first evidence
But does not triumph over death
By assiduous worship
The hands malignant
Asks by shout
Scream for mercy,
But do not expect anything
The final minutes will be horrible
The torn flesh and the endless pain.
Will take to agony
The eerie creature, it will impose
The greater the sufferings
No being ever felt so
Legs stretched
Arms shattered
Screams of horror increase
The hatred of the creature
Track Name: The Wizard
Behold the wizard
With his powers
In his presence
The wind blows
The earth trembles
A new vibration
The mace
The guardian of infinite power
Relentless is your persuasion
The way of mage it is fire
The fire is water
The water is earth
Banishing and invoking
The minor arcana
Behold the wizard
Supreme lord of the zodiac belt
Track Name: The Devil Escaped from the Earth
There was a time when the devil reigned
He won his seat after armageddon
Without christians, without jews
God washed his hands
Religions were destroyed
And the angels of hell lived among us.
But a sinister force rising
Worst of all evil, chaos dominated

The devil escaped from earth
God hated all
The sinister era reigned
Grim forces generating chaos

Total disorder all left alone
There was no human concept
Was the worst of all evils
You know what i'm talking about?
No, do not!
Why can not know

The devil escaped from earth
God hated all
The sinister era reigned
Grim forces generating chaos
Track Name: Compulsive Gambler
Compulsive gambler
No matter win or lose
I arrive late at my home
Only my dog waiting
The bone plate
Broken bones
Another night without money
But do not spirit lack
The TV off air
Cans, clothing and vinyls
Deep sleep in hell
Tomorrow will be another day
I'll take my boots
And will run behind some coins
Dream deep in heaven
Track Name: In the Silence of the Grave
Walking on the narrow lane
At the direction of the noise
Rats crossing your feet
Serpent and worms
Awaiting his fatal fall
Slave of the senses
Wobbling undirected
But souls do not die
In the whirlwind of coarse elements
Crossing the threshold of danger
In the silence of the grave
Succumbs to temptation first
In the abyss of eternity